Alor Island - Paradise place
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If there is a paradise on the Earth, without doubt this is there!!!

Plage d'Alor

The receipt :

→Take a plane for Singapore →At Singapore, take a plane for Manado (Island of Sulawesi) →At Manado, take a plane for Kupang →At Kupang take a plane for the island of Alor.
Arrived at the airport of Alor, take a car for landing stage. At the landing stage, welcome by Gilles Brignardello founder of Alor Resort, Chargement of the luggage on its boat for crossing Pantar’s strait.

Finally, we begin to see far away Alor Resort ‘s bungalows’shape …The boat wets with a few meters of the shore, it does not go further in order not to taking the risk to fail itself on the coral ones.
Transshipment of the luggage and the travellers in a dugout… Here we are!

Alor Bungalow Luxe, calm and beauty….

Easy not? and yes, the paradise that is deserved!

Gilles Brignardello is French; his wife, Neya, is Serbe, customers coming from all over the world, the staff is indonésien, the baby of Gilles and Neya sings, and the dog barks: a true tower of Babel.

The principal activity of the resort is the underwater diving but the nons initiated will have as much pleasure in meditating, waking on the beach, swiming in this place where all recalls you that civilization is not only stress and profit.

Gilles guide us during each diving: under water, he does not swim, he “runs”, he seeks, he hounds… large black Frogfish, seen the day before; the rhinopias, seen one week ago in muckdive, the moonfish….and, for our happiness , he finds!

Marvellous diving sites of which, the must, remains the fields of the anemons.


To go to Alor :Alor Divers ResortGilles Brignardello

Valérie Sauvage

Plage d'Alor

Photos : Valérie Sauvage

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